Dr. Popescu Valceanu Horatiu

Dr. Popescu Valceanu Horatiu

Medic Specialist Diabet, Nutritie si Boli Metabolice, Doctor in Medicina
Diabet si boli metabolice
Hyperclinica MedLife Unirii
Hyperclinica MedLife Unirii
44.42447079999999 26.103252200000043 Str. Hans Cristian Andersen nr. 1, Bucuresti

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Despre Dr. Popescu Valceanu Horatiu

Competente si specializari


2014 – prezent: Medic Specialist Diabet, Nutritie si Boli Metabolice


Societatea Romana de Diabet Nutritie Si Boli Metabolice

Federatia Romana de Diabet Nutritie Si Boli Metabolice

Fundatia pentru Alimentatie Sanatoasa.FPAS

Lucrari publicate

„Relationship between Fasting Insulin Concentration as a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease and High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis” Dragut RM,Rusu E, Cursaru R,Rusu F, Cursaru A, Horatiu-Cristian Popescu-Valceanu,Radulian G. Diabetes 2018 Jul; 67(Supplement 1): -.https://doi.org/10.2337/db18-440-P.American Diabetes Association (ADA) 78th Scientific Sessions, June 22 - 26, 2018, Orlando, Florida.

"The Relationship between p53 tumor suppressor protein and anti-apoptotic Bcl- 2 protein in colorectal adenocarcinoma associated with type 2 diabetes and obesity”.Horatiu-Cristian, Popescu-Valceanu, Stoicea M, Enache V, Dragut RM, Rusu E, Ionescu Tîrgovi?te C; Radulian G.IUNS. 21st International Congress of Nutrition. Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 15-20, 2017: Abstracts. Ann Nutr Metab 2017;71(suppl 2): 971.

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Capitol 21.” Dieta si cancerul” in cartea Managementul nutritional in diabetul zaharat, bolile metabolice si alte patologii. Volum II Editor sub redactia Radulian G, Editura Universitara Carol Davila, Bucuresti, 2015; ISBN: 978-973-708-873-4

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